Holiday Hours

Christmas Eve (12/24/21): 11:30AM to 4PM
Christmas Day (12/25/21): CLOSED
New Year’s Eve (12/31/21): 11:30AM to 8PM
New Year’s Day (1/1/22): 10AM to Midnight

 Standard Hours

Monday to Thursday: 11:30am to 10pm
Friday: 11:30am to Midnight
Saturday: 10am to Midnight
Sunday: 10am to 10pm



MONDAY 12-20-21 CLOSED 7PM TO 9:30PM



Do you remember Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Q*bert and pinball?

These and 110 other retro arcade games and pinball machines are waiting for you at Morristown Game Vault!

The Vault contains a vast collection of classic video games, pinball machines, and consoles. All ages will be transported into a fun and exciting game zone.

No quarters are needed at The Vault. All video games and pinball machines are set to “free play.”  Each player’s time is tracked by a wrist band.  Everyone can play every game. You only pay for the time you’re here.

Friends and families who love gaming, high score recognition, and the retro-gaming scene, will find the Morristown Game Vault easy to break into!

Step back in time for mind-blowing game fun today!

Morristown Game Vault, 22 South St, Morristown, NJ

| Morristown Game Vault |22 South St | Morristown, NJ |

Add Credit to Continue: Morristown Game Vault
Attention all gamers! We sincerely thank you for your support over the past 4 years and would love to continue bringing joy to the community for big kids of all ages. Morristown Game Vault needs your assistance to continue being the community place that lets people of all ages escape to better nostalgic times. Please help us overcome hardship together during this unprecedented time by visiting our GoFundMe page.
Any financial contribution is greatly appreciated! Add credit to continue will help keep the home of retro-gaming and fun alive. We look forward to getting back on our feet and will be overjoyed to see familiar faces young and old once our doors reopen.



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